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Strategic Planning with Galen Wood
Strategic Planning
Strategic Planning

Strategic Planning

A plan without action is simply an idea. Action without a plan can lead to chaos or confusion. We can facilitate a highly effective process to answer your most critical questions. Do we grow? Do we sell? Who will succeed our current management team? What products or services should we offer in the future? Answers to these questions and more are found in our Strategic Planning Process. The strategic planning process begins with assessment, both inside and outside your organization. We will survey and interview your management team and employees to gain an understanding of personnel, organization, operations, marketing, sales, and administration. We will review your financial results in order to assess your performance.

Strategic Planning Retreat is a one to three day intensive focus on the future of your organization.


The retreat begins with developing a common understanding of what strategic thinking is all about and why it is so important to your organization.


We will focus and prioritize what we learned in the assessment process about the internal and external environments in which you must operate. What impact will our internal strengths and weaknesses have on our future? Our core competencies? How will the external factors in our industry and our markets affect our ability to prosper in the future?

The core of the Strategic Planning Retreat is the development of a Strategic Matrix or road map of your organization over the next three to five years. The matrix allows the management team or board to create a shared strategic vision for the future.  

We will develop specific goals and objectives in order to realize your strategic vision. What issues must we address to achieve our goals? Who will lead the effort? How do we measure progress? When do we expect to see results?


Plans Into Action…We’re not done until you implement your plans. We can assist you in developing action plans from the goals and objectives developed during the strategic planning retreat. Our role can range from mentor or coach to active participant in implementation of specific actions. We will train you and your employees in how to develop and implement your plans.  We will provide you with tools to monitor progress toward achievement of your goals.

The strategic planning process is critical to the success of all organizations today. Let us assist you in realizing your strategic vision.

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