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Executive Coaching
Executive Coaching with Galen Wood
Executive Coaching

Executive Coaching

We work with executives, business owners, and professionals to identify, clarify and achieve their goals leading to enhanced success, fulfillment and balance in their professional and personal lives. We include assessment tools to identify strengths, motivators and challenges.

The focus of executive coaching is to help the client discover, identify, clarify, and pursue her/his goals in order to achieve extraordinary results in life, career and business. We work with the client to discover what the client wants to achieve and then, together, we create and implement a plan of action to meet and even exceed the client’s goals.

It has been documented that executive coaching can be highly successful in facilitating decision making, enhancing productivity, and improving communication skills. Executive coaching is a very effective tool for analyzing and addressing difficult work situations and improving organizational morale. Executives and managers can incorporate executive coaching techniques in their approach to management and supervision. Strategic and succession planning often create personal and organizational challenges which can be effectively addressed through executive coaching.

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