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Employee Development
Employee Retention

Employee Assessment/Development/Retention

We utilize a unique state-of-the-art assessment methodology, Harrison Assessments, in the whole Talent Life Cycle of an employee. In the first step, we are able to predict whether an employee is suitable for a specific position, and a fit with the culture of the organization.


Once the right person is selected for a job, there are a number of reports which can help managers and supervisors create an effective development plan, based on the employee’s professional goals, opportunities in the organization and identified areas for improvement and development.

We understand that in order to retain good employees, we need to address the issues of employee expectations, engagement factors and individual needs which can be met.

An additional report plots team members on 12 graphs addressing Interpersonal Skills, Achievement and Leadership. With this report we are able to create open communication channels, build trusting relationships and identify blind spots in the team. This process is best facilitated by a professional trained in the Harrison methodology and with experience in team dynamics.


We work with individuals and with groups to support and leverage strengths and skills. The length and depth of an individual and/or group project is unique to each situation. We customize the engagement to meet the needs of the client and the organization.

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